The Importance of Visual Content in Social Media Today

They say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and ‘first impression matters.’ All these sayings of old point us to one thing, the importance of quality photos and images on our social media feeds.

More engagement

Research shows that the attention span of the current generation is shorter than all previous ones. What does this mean for the quality of your content? You should be looking into ways to deliver your message through visual content and fewer words.

It has been noted across almost all platforms that content with visual content receives more engagement than content without images or any form of content. And is there any account user who dislikes engagement? On the contrary, it is quite the opposite. Engagement is part of the social media algorithm.


A question for you. Are you able to easily remember an image or text? It is the former, isn’t it? The human brain is able to easily process, store and retrieve images. If you have posted an alluring or attractive image, it is possible that your users will come to enjoy the same or recommend your page to their family, friends, and acquaintances.

The use of stock photos

Many brands and organizations know of the importance of consistency when it comes to content on social media. You need to keep your audience engaged and looking forward to your content. However, there are some who have compromised on the quality of their content by using stock photos and videos.

This is something that we advise against. You should know that this is damaging to your brand. As mentioned above, people are able to identify with photos easier and are able to recall where they saw that image. By using photos that are used elsewhere, you are identifying yourself as someone who lacks creativity and authenticity.

Some tips and tricks

Now that we have ironed out a few issues here and there, it is time to recommend a few tips that our readers can use for their photos and other visual content:

– Always ensure that your color theme is constant. By associating your brand with a particular color, your users are able to identify that color with your brand.

– Make use of typography. It is a form of visual element that most overlook.

Investing in filters. Filters are quite simple, but significantly improve the appearance of each image.

– Sizing. Different platforms have different image sizing requirements.


It is estimated that social media followers spend approximately one hour per day on different media platforms. Imagine if you are able to grab the attention of your followers for a significant portion of that one hour. You will be flying high in terms of engagement and a better presence. All this is possible by uploading quality visual content on your page or feed. Consider the advice detailed above.

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