Is there a difference between Uber and UberX?


Uber has taken over the world of taxi services by storm. It is currently operational in 400 cities across 60 countries in the world. Still, it is growing at a fast pace. The secret behind the success of Uber is hiding in plain sight; revolutionary innovation. These two words alone helped Uber transform into a company worth more than $50 billion as of now. To continue this trend of change, Uber offers scads of different services. Two of the most popular services by Uber are “Uber” and “UberX.” However, these terms are confusing for many people. They are not aware of the differences and similarities between Uber and UberX. If you are one of those people, you are in the perfect place. In this article, we will tell you all about the different dynamics of Uber and UberX.

Uber and UberX

Uber and UberX mean the same thing. One right way to look at this is to consider Uber the umbrella term and UberX as one of the many services available under this umbrella term. Below are some of the most popular services that Uber offers:

  • UberLUX
  • UberPOOL
  • UberX
  • UberXL
  • UberBLACK
  • UberSELECT
  • UberSUV

As evident from the list above, UberX is one of the many services that Uber offers. Each service has a different set of offerings. Prices differ for each service based on various elements. The customers can choose the one that fits them the most. For example, in Uber WAV, there is an additional wheelchair facility for those who may be looking for such services. In the case of UberX, there are standard offerings at standard rates. Four people can travel on an UberX. The rides are private. It means that you do not have to pool the journey with others like you may do in UberPOOL. The cars that are there in UberX are usually sedans like the Honda Accord and Toyota Prius.

Also, they are readily available. You will generally find UberX in every locality unlike many other services of Uber. Also, the time of arrival for UberX is lower than some other options of Uber due to the element of availability.

Moreover, the service of UberX is available in all the cities unlike many other functions of Uber. One significant additional benefit of UberX is that it is the second-cheapest service of Uber after UberPOOL. Typical fare rates may range from $0.5-$ two on average. However, the exact fares depend on the time and distance of your journey.


These are the different features of Uber’s UberX. Now that you know about the various features of Uber’s multiple services, you can make better decisions in this regard. One of the most crucial elements for you to consider in this regard is the various aspects like the utility and the availability of the services at your disposal. Also, you must find the different other elements like the use of coupons and discounts given out regularly by Uber.