Dispatch Phone Taxis* Ramp Taxis*
Luxor Cab**

Luxor Cab, CityWide Taxi, Green Cab

415-282-4141 164 16
Flywheel Taxi 415-970-1300 261 11
Fog City

Fog City Cab, American, Lucky Cab,

Max Cab, Regents Cab, SF Super Cab

415-682-9988 200 1
National Dispatch


415-648-4444 28 0
San Francisco Taxicab

San Francisco Taxicab, Comfort Cab

415-870-2388 175 5

Town Taxi, ABC, Eco-Taxi, Vina Cab

415-401-8900 143 3
Yellow Cab** 415-333-3333 540 9
Serra Yellow Cab*** 650-991-2345 41 5

For more information regarding paratransit taxi service, please call the SF Paratransit office at (415) 351-7052  or  3-1-1  to let us know how we’re doing.

*Please note that the number of taxis at each dispatch service is subject to change.

**Yellow Cab, Luxor Cab, and CityWide Taxi are all in the process of merging under Yellow Cab color scheme.

***Serra Yellow Cab will pick up riders in SF if call was made in advance.

Revised 9.30.2019


Ramp Taxi Drivers Cell Phone List

*This list is furnished as a courtesy to drivers and patrons. SFPT has no control over the driver’s use of their personal cell phone nor voice mail.

Schedules that include evening hours are shown in red

                     Name                          Lang                   Phone                               Shift Schedule
Papa Dieng(1) FR 415-235-9435 8a – 8p Daily
Raagini Gupta(1) HN PJ 415-690-6670 9a – 9p Daily
Jessica Felix(1) 415-312-2813 Day – Flexible Daily(2)
Noor Alocozy(1) FA PT RU 510-432-6546 Day M Tu W Th F
Corey Lamb(1) 415-823-1497 After 5p M Tu W Th F
Any Time Sa Sn(2)
Aleksandr Avrutin RU 415-699-1011 4p – 2a M W
8a – 8p Sn
Alexander Labunsky RU 415-990-4419 Day Sn M W F(2)
Mian Farooq PJ UD 510-621-4120 Day Daily
Bradley Voelker FR 415-412-5026 7a – 7p M Tu W Th
Ons Gharbi(1)   AB FR IT 510-809-7854 Day Daily(2)
Alan Harris 415-846-5919 Day M Tu W Th F
Omar Abid(1) AB FR 415-810-6627 Any Time M Tu W Th F(2)
Tom Aigbuza(1) BN 415-533-0456 Flex Daily(2)
Joey Brown 415-573-8947 Day M Tu W Th F
Peter DeLappe 415-238-6650 7a – 12p F
7a – 6p Sn
Nasir Patras HN 415-269-2745 Day Daily
Mychael Monroe 415-987-6269  12p – 6p Sn
Craig Nelson 415-756-9727 Day M Tu W Th
Tim Weldon(3) 415-420-1987 Day M Tu W Th F
Wayne Wu(1) CN


415-535-8793 after 11:30a M W F
Any Time Tu Th Sa Sn

LANGUAGE KEY:                                                                                              08.02.2019

AB=Arabic, BN=Benin, BM=Burmese, CN=Cantonese, FA= Farsi, FR=French,

HN=Hindi, IT=Italian, MD=Mandarin, PJ = Punjabi, PT= Pashto, SP=Spanish, RU=Russian, UD=Urdu

Driver can be contacted for pre-arranged pick up outside of stated schedule

Driver schedule is flexible contact to arrange a ride

Please contact driver at least a day in advance to schedule pick-up

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